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Equitymaster Venture

What is Equitymaster Venture?

Equitymaster Venture is a service in which Tanushree Banerjee and Richa Agarwal will recommend Indian stocks in the technology space.

The focus will be on wealth creation opportunities in listed stocks, arising from technological developments, disruptions, and new age industries.

These will be shares of listed businesses that harness the power of disruptive technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Robotics, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, and Electric Mobility – from a very early stage.

Who are the editors of Equitymaster Venture?

Tanushree Banerjee and Richa Agarwal are the co-editors of Equitymaster Venture.

Tanushree Banerjee is the co-head of research at Equitymaster.

She is the editor of StockSelect, Equitymaster's most popular stock recommendation service, and Forever Stocks, a recommendation service with a curated list of 20 stocks to be bought and held for several years.

She believes in the philosophies of the investing greats, Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham and staunchly abides by Buffett's 2-Rule Mantra:

  • Rule No.1: Never lose money.
  • Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.

In tune with her commitment to investing safely, her services recommend the kind of safe stocks you could 'bet your retirement on'.

Tanushree joined Equitymaster right after completing her MBA in Finance from SIES Mumbai, in 2004.

She has since, as research analyst, helped shape the systems that recommended some of the safest and most profitable stocks to subscribers.

The authenticity of her voice and her deep research to discover safe, cheap, and profitable stocks has earned her a loyal following and an impressive track record.

Richa, Agarwal is editor of two extremely successful Equitymaster services in the small-cap space – Hidden Treasure and Phase One Alert.

Richa has 14 years of experience in financial markets. She has an MBA in Finance from Symbiosis International University in Pune.

While most stock analysts do all their research from a stuffy office, Richa goes the extra mile to conduct ‘boots on the ground’ research.

She has travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres in search of new investment ideas for Equitymaster subscribers.

Even in the post Covid phase, she didn’t miss the opportunity to interact with the managements on video and telephonic calls.

What is the goal of Equitymaster Venture?

The goal of Equitymaster Venture is to guide subscribers to create wealth by recommending a highly selective list of stocks in tech and the disruptive space with the aim of generating huge wealth in the long term.

What does Equitymaster Venture offer?

Equitymaster Venture will recommend Indian stocks in the tech and disruptive space. These stocks could potentially deliver huge returns and create wealth for subscribers in the long term.

This will be an extremely selective list of stocks. Thus, the number of stocks will likely grow steadily over time. Subscribers also receive a six-part Equitymaster Venture master series as well as a special report: 3 New Age Industries for Potentially Making VC-like Gains.

What does Equitymaster Venture not offer?

The objective of Equitymaster Venture is wealth creation in listed stocks, arising from technological developments, disruptions, and new age industries.

A lot of these business models are new and untested. Thus, should be considered as very long-term wealth generation opportunities, rather than short-term trading bets.

India’s technology sector is constantly evolving. The trend of start-ups/tech disruptors getting listed quickly is here to stay.

Thus, the focus will be on curating only the best of the opportunities by taking advantage of market valuations as well as the pace of new listings to make actionable recommendations. These will be based on conviction rather than at a fixed frequency.

To gain conviction on the scalability and execution ability of the business, Tanushree and Richa may recommend increasing the exposure to stocks over a period of time rather than buying at one go.

Lastly, Tanushree and Richa will be looking at companies with growing addressable market. As such, successful execution overtime instead of a target price will be the criteria of holding or exiting a business.

Thus, Equitymaster Venture does not offer:

  • Recommendation on unlisted stocks.
  • Shorter term trading opportunities in newly listed stocks.
  • Target prices for the recommended stocks.
  • Recommendation on stocks that fail on strict quality parameters.
  • A predefined frequency for making recommendations.

How many stocks will be recommended?

The aim is to recommend a set of 20 stocks overtime. Tanushree and Richa believe this is a good number to make the most of the upside, while ensuring healthy diversification.

However, there could be few more recommendations depending on the opportunities and their conviction.

What will be the frequency of recommendation reports?

There is no fixed frequency of recommendations. Tanushree and Richa will keep a constant track of all the recommended stocks. Once a month, subscribers will receive updated analysis on all the recommended stocks as well as any potential opportunities under consideration.

The monthly report may contain new buy/sell/hold recommendations. It will also inform subscribers about the latest relevant developments in the Indian tech sector.

In case of any important development, subscribers will receive an update covering the same.

What are the expected returns from this service?

Stocks that qualify for recommendation in Equitymaster Venture are new age businesses in India. At the moment, they don’t have listed peers in India for comparison.

To put things in perspective, Amazon, a new age disruptive tech stock in the US, returned 172,897% over 25 years. This is a compounded annual growth rate of 34.7%, thus multiplying every lakh into several crores.

Are Equitymaster Research Analysts allowed to trade in the recommended securities?

Equitymaster is an honest, completely transparent and a professionally run organisation. We have a strict compliance system, internal policies and Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading (Code of Conduct) in place.

Please note all securities trading of our employees are tracked and monitored to ensure that our subscriber gets the first right to our paid research.

We follow the SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014 and SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 and give full disclosures with respect to each recommendation. We further request our subscribers to go through our Code of Conduct.

How should I contact the customer service team to get answers to my queries?

You can write to us with all your queries and we will be delighted to assist you. Alternatively, you can call us on +91-22-61434055 between 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

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