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Equitymaster Portfolio Tracker Enhancement Release Notes

Equitymaster's Portfolio Tracker is India's first portfolio tracker. Over the years, it has gone through several enhancements. Here we document these releases so that you can keep a track of what we are upto when it comes to developing this much appreciated tool! :-)

24th Nov, 2012

Here's what we have just released for this month:

  • New Report: SIP Performance vis-a-vis the Sensex

    This new report allows you to track the performance of every SIP that you do, both on an absolute return basis, and in case of equity funds, vis-a-vis the BSE Sensex.

    Finally, you will know whether your SIPs are beating the market!

    And yes, this report has been already updated with information on all the SIPs that you entered into the Portfolio Tracker. So, go ahead, view this report now!

  • Export Transaction History

    You can now export the detailed transaction history for any of the portfolios you have in the Portfolio Tracker!

    And here's something that you have always wanted to be able to do - you can now import this transaction history back into the Equitymaster Portfolio Tracker!

    So for all those who wish to move portfolios from one account to another... Go ahead!

  • Valuation Report: Adding Beta...

    Our Valuation Report just got more "Intelligent"!

    You can now get the 'Beta' value for your portfolio, along with the already existing valuation metrics of Dividend Yield, Price to Earnings (P/E) and Price to Book Value (P/BV).

    We are sure that this report will go a long way in helping you build a portfolio of stocks that suits your profile!

  • Two New Ways To Look At Your Returns

    Understandably, most investors focus on the absolute returns they make on their portfolio.

    A few go on to compare their performance vis-a-vis the Sensex for instance.

    And now, based on the feedback, we know you want to analyse your returns even more...

    So, we're making changes to our Sector-wise Weightage and Market Capitalisation reports.

    The next time you view these reports, you will see an additional column which will show you the returns that you have earned by sector/market capitalisation.

    We are sure you will find this additional information very helpful!

    Other than the changes listed above, we have made probably a dozen or so smaller changes that make the Portfolio Tracker even better to use!

09th Oct, 2012

Here's what we have just released for this month:

  • New Report

    Mutual Fund Portfolio As On Date: This new report allows you to see the value of our Mutual fund portfolio, both current and historical, as on a date. This report, which is very popular in the stocks section of the Portfolio Tracker, helps you keep a close watch on your portfolio's performance.

    New Chart

    Allocation By Sector: Thus far, the chart for sector allocation in Portfolio Tracker compared your allocation vis-a-vis the BSE Sensex. While we are retaining this chart as a lot of you are regular users, we are adding a new one that will show you only the sector allocation of your portfolio as a pie chart. This new perspective will hopefully help you manage your money better!

  • More Informative Alerts

    We're improvising on our alerts! Now when you get Corporate Action alert from Equitymaster, it will give you complete details (including the bonus/split rations, the dividend payout percentage etc). This will make it a lot easier for you to accept/reject Corporate Actions!

  • Get Alerted On Quarterly Results

    Equitymaster has a proprietary database of over 600 companies. We have exhaustive data on these companies, which we source directly from Annual Reports.

    A lot of this data finds its way to the corporate fact sheets and the quarterly results sections on Equitymaster. And in a small way into the Portfolio Tracker.

    In this upgrade, we are further integrating our database into the Portfolio Tracker. Now, whenever we update the quarterly results of any of these 600 companies, and you happen to own the stock, you will automatically be shown an alert in the Consolidated Holdings Report. (If you are a premium research member, the alert will take you to the research note on the company!)

    This is just the beginning, and we hope to do more over time. For now, check out this new feature and tell us what you think of it!

  • New Look

    Now when you sign in to the Portfolio Tracker, you will see a new-look post sign up page! This new page now gives you more information like your Net worth and how it has changed over the previous day, the latest research on the stocks you own (if you are a premium research member of equitymaster) et cetera. We are certain you will find this new layout very useful!

    Other than the changes listed above, we have made probably a dozen or so smaller changes that make the Portfolio Tracker even better to use! We strongly recommend you log in today and experience the improvised Portfolio Tracker!

25th Aug, 2012

Here's what we have just released for this month:

  • Feature # 1: Option to execute Corporate Actions automatically
    Now no more delay or missing out on executing Corporate Actions for stocks in your Portfolio!

    You can automatically confirm the Pending Corporate Actions for the companies in your Portfolio with just one click of the mouse.

    Just enable the Automatic Corporate Action option in the Portfolio Tracker and save yourself from the hassles of adding Dividends manually to your portfolio.

    Of course, every time a dividend is added, you will receive an email confirming the same.

    Great isn't it? We knew you will love this new feature!

    So go ahead, activate this Alert now!

  • Feature # 2: Improved reporting on Recent and upcoming corporate actions of stocks you own
    This 'Intelligent' report, which reflects as the "Corporate Actions Report" in the Portfolio Tracker does much more than telling you the recent developments pertaining to the stocks you own.

    Henceforth, in this report you will also get information on stocks you own that are about to go Ex-Dividend/Bonus/Split! We believe that this information can be critical when it comes to both tracking and managing your investments!

    Click here to view the Corporate Actions report!

  • Feature # 3: Stocks nearing 52 - week High/Low Report
    The 52-week High/Low Report will give you a list of stocks you own that are nearing the 52 Week High or Low mark.

    This information will help you plan your future investments better!

    Click here to view the 52 week High/Low Report of the stocks in your Portfolio.

  • Feature # 4: New "Live" WatchList Alert
    Tired of monitoring the stocks and mutual funds in your WatchList continuously?

    Well, here's something that will make this entire exercise really simple.

    Equitymaster's Portfolio Tracker now enables you to set almost live Price Alerts for stocks and mutual funds in your WatchList.

    This one-time Alert will notify you as soon as your stock or fund reaches the price target entered by you.

    So you no longer have to go to the WatchList everyday to check if the stock or fund you are observing closely has reached the target price or not.

    A true time saviour, isn't it?

    Click here to Set this WatchList Alert!

  • Feature # 5: Research Alert
    This feature is exclusively for members of Equitymaster's research services...

    What this new feature does is it sends you a Research Alert every time Equitymaster posts research on a stock that you own (and track in the Portfolio Tracker!).

    Now, you already may have visited the Research Section in the Portfolio Tracker, which makes this same information available... but only on the website!

    With this alert activated, you no longer need to continuously visit the website to check on this...

    Go ahead, activate the Research Alert now!

    These are just some of the changes made to the Portfolio Tracker this month.

    There are several more enhancements that have been made... we encourage you to visit the Portfolio Tracker and experience these for yourself.

    We are sure you will find them beneficial.

19th July, 2012

Here's what's new in this release:

  • You might be aware that in the last six months, we have made quite a lot of changes in the Portfolio Tracker.

    While some features were introduced to make the Tracker user friendly, some were introduced to make it more Intelligent.

    We hope you found them useful. However, if you have missed out on them, then here's some good news for you.

    For your convenience, we are giving you a quick update on top six feature that we believe will help you track your Portfolio more efficiently and intelligently.

    But before that, let's take a look at the latest three changes added to the Portfolio Tracker this month:

  • Feature # 1: Generate Transaction Report for multiple years
    Earlier you had an option to generate the Transaction Report of your Portfolio for duration of 12 months at a time. But now you can generate the Transaction report for multiple years at one go!

    This improvised version of Transaction Report will help you save a lot of time especially while filing your returns. Generate the Transaction Report Now!

  • Feature # 2: Daily Performance Report for Portfolio
    The Daily Performance Report will now not just show the Daily Performance of individual scrips, but it will also show the daily profit or loss of your Portfolio. So if the markets jump, or take a knock, you will know the exact impact on your portfolio in just one click.

    You always wished for this feature, didn't you? View the Daily Scrip Performance Report!

  • Feature # 3: Graphical Representation of the Daily Performance Report
    In addition to the existing charts that allow you to view your Portfolio on the basis of Stock Allocation, Sector Allocation, Market Allocation and Networth, you will also be able to view the Daily Performance of your Portfolio in the form of a graph.

    This is how the Daily Performance Chart would look like:

    Daily Performance Chart

    These are just some of the changes made to the Portfolio Tracker this month. We are sure you will find them beneficial.View the Daily Performance Chart here!

16th June, 2012

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Feature # 1: New Intelligent Alerts

    Didn't you ever want a tool that could give you a comprehensive report of your holdings and transactions periodically in just one place?

    If you did, then we have something special for you!

    We have specially created two new 'Intelligent' Alerts that will make your portfolio tracking simpler!

    • Alerts for Quarter end holdings: This new 'Intelligent' Alert will send you a quarterly update on the holdings in your selected portfolios via email. On activating this alert, you will not just get an idea about the performance of your holdings but you will also find it helpful while filing your returns.

    • Alerts for transaction reports: This Alert will be helpful if you want to keep a track on the transactions that took place for that quarter.

    We recommend that you login to the Portfolio Tracker and set these 'Intelligent' alerts right away!

  • Feature # 2: Set Weekly SIP option

    Earlier, one could only set up SIPs on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. The option to track SIPs on a weekly basis was not available.

    But now, we have made this option available!

    If you have invested in a Weekly SIP you can now track it in the Portfolio Tracker!

    Just login to your Portfolio Tracker account immediately and enter the details of your weekly SIP.

  • Feature # 3: Enhancement in capital gains/loss report

    This is one of the most requested enhancements by our valuable subscribers.

    Starting today, the Capital gains/loss report will not just give you the Gains/Loss incurred on the shares/mutual funds you sold.

    Henceforth it will also show you the transaction details, which will help you understand how the capital Gains/Loss was calculated. Great isn't it? View this report now!

  • Feature # 4: Watchlist Enhancements

    Tracking the performance of stocks in your Watchlist has now become easier with these two enhancements:

    • The Home Page MyPortfolio Tab gets even better: So far all you could graphically track on in the MyPortfolio tab were your actual stock holdings. Well, now, you can track your watchlist as well! So to get started all you need to do is login to your Portfolio tracker account and select the Watchlist from the drop-down list. The performance of your Watchlist will be right in front of you in the form of graph.

      Here's how it will look like:

    • The 52 week high/low of the stocks in Watchlist: Now you can easily track the performance of the stocks in your Watchlist Report for an entire year. Through this new feature, you can see the 52 week high/low of the stock in the Watchlist. So it will be easier for you to take an informed decision while purchasing a stock. Didn't you always want this feature?

  • Feature # 5: Entering transactions pre 1997

    Earlier, the Portfolio Tracker did not have an option to enter transactions made before 1997. We probably took the notion of a young India too far!

    But now we have made amends...

    You can now enter transactions made before the year 1997 in your portfolio tracker.

    So go ahead! Login to your Portfolio Tracker account and update your portfolio right away!

  • Feature # 6: Easy navigation

    Now you no longer have to go to Consolidated Holdings Report to Buy or Sell your stocks/mutual funds.

    We have added the Buy and Sell button across all the reports in the Portfolio Tracker to save your time in navigating from one report to another.

    So for instance, if you are on Summary Report and wish to sell a stock immediately; you need not navigate all the way to the Consolidated Holdings Report. You can directly sell it from the Summary Report itself.

    Isn't it time saving? Use this new and improved navigation, and tell us how we can improve it further!

  • Feature # 7: Auto refresh of quotes in the Portfolio Tracker

    We are sure as a user of Portfolio Tracker you may have sometimes found it cumbersome to refresh the Portfolio every time you wanted to see updated values.

    Well now we have added an Auto refresh option that will automatically update the value of your portfolio every time stock prices change on the exchange...

    This should save you the hassle of manually updating the page every few minutes!

30th May, 2012

Here's what's new in this release:

You can now keep a constant track on the performance of your stocks by making it a default tab on your Homepage.

What more, you can also:

  • Select the Portfolio to monitor:

    You can select the Portfolio whose performance you want to track on the Homepage itself. Just select the portfolio from the drop-down and you will see the graphical representation of your portfolio, its total value and even the performance of the individual stocks in your portfolio.

  • View the Total value of your Portfolio with percentage:

    You will be able to view the Total value of your Portfolio along with the percentage change in the value for that day. So you can keep a track on whether your portfolio is in red or green and also by what percentage has it gone up or down.

  • View the individual performance of stocks in your portfolio:

    This will give you a graphical representation of the current performance of the stocks in your portfolio i.e. it will show you the no of stocks in your portfolio that are in negative, stocks that are making profits and stocks that have shown no changes in their value. To view the list of companies in each of these categories, just click on the bars and you will see the list of companies in the adjacent right column.

    Here's a snapshot of how our sample portfolio looks like on the home page. Great, isn't it?!

    Now that Portfolio Tracker can be accessed on Homepage, we are sure you will find it even more useful.

17th February, 2012

Here's what's new in this release:

We have added some more user-friendly features to your Portfolio Tracker that will help you track your Portfolio more efficiently and intelligently!

  • Feature # 1: Import from Excel

    • Equitymaster has now introduced its own excel format for importing Equities and Mutual Funds.

      So, all you need to do is - move your data which you have maintained in excel or word file into the excel format (Equities/Mutual Funds) introduced by Equitymaster and import it seamlessly into the Portfolio Tracker.

      Your data will remain safe with us, and you will be able to track your portfolio in a systematic manner.
    • You can now also import Mutual Funds from ICICI Direct just the way you do for importing Equities.

      Login to your account to check the feature today!
  • Feature # 2: Delete all transactions of a particular scrip

    Deleting all transactions for a particular scrip/mutual fund has now become very easy. The new Delete All button available in the Consolidated Holdings Report enables you to delete all entries of a particular scrip/mutual fund at one go. (Please note: Once deleted, the action is not reversible. So be very sure before you use this feature!)
  • Feature # 3: Set a Default Date range across all portfolios

    Now you no longer need to change the date range settings every time you switch between portfolios and reports.

    This new feature in Portfolio Tracker enables you to set a Default Date range across all the reports and portfolios.

    So, if you select a date range to generate a particular report, it would remain the same across while browsing through other reports. You will not have to select it each time you switch through different reports.
  • Feature # 4: Alert Option for Corporate Actions

    Now tracking Corporate Actions has become even more simpler.

    Whenever there is a corporate action for a stock you own, we will display an "Alert" next to the stock name. Click on it and you will get full details of the corporate action.
  • Feature # 5: Easy Navigation

    Many of our valued members have been telling us for long now that we could improve the navigation in the Portfolio Tracker.

    With this upgrade, we have made a start... and we are sure you will like it!

    You can now switch between the various Portfolios, Reports and even BSE/NSE price options in just one click!

    That's right! Just point to the name of the portfolio, report or the BSE/NSE price option, and you will able to use our all new navigation menu! It's simple to use and makes navigating the Portfolio Tracker very easy!

    We are certain that you will find these new features beneficial.
4th February, 2012

Here's what's new in this release:

Based on what you have been telling us, we have added some new, enhanced features to the Portfolio Tracker to help you benefit even more from this service.

  • Feature # 1 - New Intelligent Report

    In addition to the already existing 'Intelligent' reports, we have added a new report - Capital Gains/Loss Report..

    This report gives you the Capital Gain or Loss incurred on the shares / mutual funds you sold, for a given time period. Now, while this report does not calculate the tax for you (which can be pretty complicated!)itwill still be of great use to you while filing returns!

  • Feature # 2 - Gold

    Like Stocks and Mutual Funds, you can now track the portion of your overall Networth that is invested in Gold ETFs separately. In the Portfolio Tracker we have added a separate tab called 'Gold'. So now instead of viewing the total worth of Gold under Mutual Funds, you can view it separately too!
  • Feature # 3 - Edit

    The Edit feature for both stocks and mutual funds has been simplified! You can now edit all transactions pertaining to a stock or fund at one go! You should find this very helpful!
  • Feature # 4 - Help

    Keeping in mind the fact that a lot of users are not fully aware of the features in Portfolio Tracker, we have developed a tutorial that will help you understand each feature step by step along with relevant examples. We are rolling out the tutorials in phases… so do watch this space for more information!
1st October, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

First, an all new Annualised Return Report that will help you evaluate the performance of your portfolio the way the smart fund managers do. It helps you calculate an IRR (read more) of each of the stocks that you own and also your overall portfolio over a defined time period.

Better still, it helps you compare your performance vis-a-vis the BSE Sensex! So, not only will you know how your portfolio has been performing, but you will also be able figure out if you would have been better off investing in the BSE Sensex or investing in individual stocks. Use this report right away and discover profitable, interesting facts about your portfolio.

With this upgrade we've now also taken care of Stock Splits. So, if a company announces a Split, don't worry. Just a couple of clicks will ensure that the same is effected in your portfolio.

Another addition is the Watchlist. With this, you will be able to track the price movements of stocks and mutual funds that you are interested in but are yet to own. The stocks and funds in your Watchlist will not be calculated into your actual portfolio and therefore will not reflect in any of the reports. So go ahead and create your watchlist today!

Finally, we have also added a Corporate Actions Report. This is basically a report that will list out all the corporate actions (bonus, rights, dividends et cetera) announced by the companies and funds that you are invested in. This should help you keep track of your investments better!

9th September, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

You can now intelligently track your 'family's' portfolio as a whole! That's right. At a click you can now see your 'family's' exposure to any particular stock or sector. You can also find out the overall profit and even the dividend yield of your overall portfolio. Not only that, a series of pie charts come alive to help you take intelligent decisions about your portfolio!

Talking about Charts, you can now view the allocation of your mutual fund investments between the various kinds of schemes - equity, balanced... So you can keep a tab on your overall allocation!

Export to Excel is another exciting feature, that we've included! So, go right ahead, and download your portfolio into Excel so that you can do an even more detailed analysis of your stocks and mutual funds.

And since we know that our 'intelligent' reports are what you look forward to... we've added more!

We've added a Market Capitalisation Report that shows the breakup of your holdings between large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks. This report is available both for individual portfolios and your overall family portfolio.

We've also further improved the Valuation Report based on the feedback that came in from many of our users - The New Valuation Report now shows information for both - the entire portfolio as well as for individual stocks. By the way, we now also offer a Valuation Report for your family's consolidated portfolio.

Our most popular, Transaction Report now boasts of a fantastic feature that allows you to dig deeper into your portfolio history. While earlier you could generate the Transaction Report for one or more portfolios at a time, you can now generate a Transaction Report for a single stock at a time! We're sure you are going to find this most useful in tracking and growing your wealth.

Hang on - there's more coming your way! In fact, it's going to change the way you use the Portfolio Tracker forever!

The Portfolio Tracker is now available in a mobile friendly version! That's right! You can now use your Portfolio Tracker on the go! Log in today at and experience it firsthand! Currently, you will only be able to view select reports, but over time, based on your feedback, we will be happy to make this offering more broad based. So, use it, and tell us what you think of it!

13th September, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

We have added charts and graphs in the Portfolio Tracker! To start with there are three charts available for the equity portfolios, and one for the mutual fund portfolios. Based on the feedback we receive from you we definitely plan to add more! So, send in your suggestions!

An all new valuation report is now available for your equity portfolios. Now you can compare valuation characteristics of your portfolio vis-a-vis the BSE Sensex!

2nd June, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

To begin with, here are two important changes we have made to improve the functioning of the Portfolio Tracker:

  1. You no longer have to confirm pending transactions one at a time. In fact you can now confirm multiple transactions in one go! This, we know, will save you a lot of time!

  2. You can now enter a sell transaction in the system easily! All you need to do is make one entry, and the system will automatically, based on First-In-First-Out (FIFO), record the transaction.

Now talking about the new features...

The Portfolio Tracker will now automatically account (yes, you will still need to 'confirm' the same!) for the Bonus shares issued by the companies! This was a long standing request from you, and we are happy to have honored the same.

And if you use the Mutual Fund Tracker too please note that we've added the option of a daily SIP.

21st April, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

You see, one of the most common queries posted to us is: Why can't the Portfolio Tracker automatically account for the dividends that are paid out by companies/mutual funds.

We listened! And we are happy to say that this morning we have released a new version of the Portfolio Tracker which will take care of this! Yes, from now on the dividends you get post April 1st 2010, will automatically reflect in your statements (you will still need to 'confirm' the same!). We repeat the magic words - Automatic entry of your dividends!

This new feature should make tracking your portfolio all the more rewarding!

12th March, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

The Portfolio Tracker now makes it extremely easy for you to track your SIPs! Just enter the details once, and all the rest of the transactions will be taken care of. Automatically. Yes, it's that simple! So, go ahead, update your Tracker to include all SIP entries, past and current!

We also have a new alert service – NAV alerts for the mutual fund schemes that you own or simply wish to track. This means that you can now get alerts for both stocks and mutual funds!

The stock alert service too has been updated. You can now get alerts for not only the stocks you own, but also those you wish to track.

Also, based on the feedback we have received from many of our users, we have modified the Edit a stock/fund functionality. Presently you could edit only one transaction at a time. Now, you will be able to edit all transactions pertaining to one stock/fund at a time.

11th March, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

Going forward, the system will permit users to set up only one Buy/Sell price alert per stock. (In our earlier system one could put in multiple stock alerts for the same stock).

Accordingly we have modified the alerts that have been set up in your account. However, we have done this in a manner that will ensure you will be receiving an alert in case the Buy Price or Sell Price for any of your existing alerts is met.

6th February, 2010

Here's what's new in this release:

Going forward, the system will permit users to set up only one Buy/Sell price alert per stock. (In our earlier system one could put in multiple stock alerts for the same stock.)

Accordingly we have modified the alerts that have been set up in your account. However, we have done this in a manner that will ensure you will be receiving an alert in case the Buy Price or Sell Price for any of your existing alerts is met.

Here's what's new in this release:

Report 1 - Stocks that require your attention
This report shows you the importance of a stock in your portfolio. The higher the share of profit a stock accounts for in a portfolio, the more important it is and hence the need for you to track it closely.

Report 2 - How does your portfolio measure up to the ideal portfolio
This report shows how the concentration of your portfolio compares with what we think could be an ideal portfolio.

Report 3 - Are your overweight or underweight in a sector?
This report shows the weightage of each sector in your portfolio and compares it to that of the BSE Sensex. So for example, let's assume you have a 5% weight in telecom, and the BSE Sensex has a weight of 10%. In this case, your weightage is 50% of that of the Sensex. And hence you are underweight. If however, you were 150% of the Sensex weightage, then you would be overweight in that sector.

To view these reports, all you need to do is that once you log in into the Portfolio Tracker, select the portfolio you wish to view, and then select any one of these reports!

NEW Feature - Now, get regular updates on your net worth... by email!
You can now activate a weekly and/or monthly email alert that will tell you the values of both - your stock and mutual fund portfolios - and also how they have grown over the recent period.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, do share them with us. We will be delighted to hear from you!