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List of Bank Nifty Companies

Here is the list of Bank Nifty companies and how they impacted the movement in the index. To know more about how the Bank Nifty is performing, please see the Bank Nifty Live Chart. Since stocks from the banking sector interest you, check out Equitymaster's powerful stock screener to find the top banking companies in India.

Aug 11, 2023 (Close) Bank Nifty Index: 44,199.1 (-343 pts / -0.8%) 1 US$ = Rs 82.25
AU SMALL FINANCE BANK BANKING 705.0 0.4% 313.1 220,727 0.7 0.7 15,470 49.4 14.3
AXIS BANK BANKING 937.2 -0.3% 3,061.5 2,869,205 0.9 11.0 125,624 41.0 22.8
BANDHAN BANK BANKING 226.9 -0.9% 1,610.7 365,387 0.6 1.0 20,292 12.6 18.0
FEDERAL BANK BANKING 133.2 -0.8% 2,101.5 279,922 1.0 1.2 34,245 16.3 8.2
HDFC BANK BANKING 1,618.8 -1.0% 5,507.7 8,915,795 0.7 29.3 489,353 88.8 18.2
ICICI BANK BANKING 952.9 -1.2% 6,903.7 6,578,184 1.0 29.3 377,395 54.7 17.4
IDFC FIRST BANK BANKING 88.2 0.7% 3,395.9 299,347 1.0 1.3 27,314 8.0 11.0
INDUSIND BANK BANKING 1,397.3 -2.3% 757.1 1,057,865 0.9 4.0 79,366 104.8 13.3
KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK BANKING 1,791.5 -0.5% 1,980.5 3,547,929 0.7 11.7 161,774 81.7 21.9
PNB BANKING 62.6 2.1% 1,854.6 116,003 0.4 0.2 39,757 21.4 2.9
RBL BANK BANKING 222.4 -0.8% 599.3 133,292 1.0 0.6 10,304 17.2 12.9
SBI BANKING 574.2 0.1% 8,924.6 5,124,066 0.4 9.7 677,661 75.9 7.6
TOTAL 37,010 29,507,722 100.0 2,058,554 AVG. PER 14.3

* Earnings for last 4 quarters on rolling basis, excluding extraordinary / exceptional items.   ** Indicates total market cap. (and not free float). The weightage is calculated on a free float basis.

High-potential Stocks: Top 2 Nifty Contenders

Bank Nifty Sensitivity

Calculation of market indices has been an enigma for most investors. Our calculator aims at arming investors with a tool that lets them determine how, or rather which stocks have actually contributed to the day's happenings. And that too in quantitative terms. The tool is simple to use. Just select a company, indicate the price movement and click the 'then...' button. The output boxes give the contribution of the stock to the change in the index.

If moves by %
The Bank Nifty will move by points OR %.


What is Bank Nifty?

The Bank Nifty index represents the largest and most liquid Indian banking stocks in terms of interest income and market capitalization.

The index provides investors and market intermediaries a benchmark that captures the capital market performance of these Indian banks. There are 12 banks included in this index.

To dwell deeper about the index, check out how the stocks in the NIFTY BANK index are performing today.

For a sector overview, read our banking sector report.

Also check out Equitymaster's powerful stock screener to find the best banking stocks in India.

How to Invest in Bank Nifty?

Investment in the Bank Nifty index can be done in three ways:

  • Spot trading or buying shares of Bank Nifty constituents: Spot trading means buying the scripts in Bank Nifty index. It involves buying the equivalent equity shares of various listed companies in the Bank Nifty index.

  • Derivative trading: Nifty futures and Nifty options can be used to invest in Nifty Bank derivatives.

    Nifty Bank Future contracts derive their value from the behaviour of the Nifty Bank index. If the value of the Nifty Bank index goes up, then the value of the future also rises, and vice versa. One can buy this contract by placing an order with the broker.

    Nifty Bank Options are similar to future contracts. Here, the buyer of the contract has to pay a premium and has a right to buy or sell the contract. These contracts can be bought or sold through a broker.

  • Nifty Bank Index Fund: An investor can invest in Bank Nifty index by investing in the Nifty Bank index fund. This is a fund which tracks the performance of the Nifty Bank index and their constituents.

How many Banking stocks are under Bank Nifty?

The index comprises of 12 banking sector banks. These banks are selected on the basis of interest income and market capitalization. The index includes banks from public sector and private sector banks too.

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI and Kotak Mahindra Bank are the ones with highest market capitalization and weightage in the index.

For the entire list of the Bank Nifty stocks, check out the list of Bank Nifty companies.

How is Bank Nifty calculated?

The index is computed using free-float adjusting market capitalization with a base value of 1,000 and a base date of 1 January 2000.

The performance and the price movement of the Nifty Bank are dependent on the top 5-6 highest weightage stocks.

The following are the top five stocks by weightage as of June 2022:

Company Name Weightage (%)
HDFC Bank 27.6
ICICI Bank 22.9
SBI 11.7
Axis Bank 11.6
Kotak Mahindra Bank 11.4

What is price of Bank Nifty live today?

The NIFTY BANK Index was at 44,199.1 (down 0.8%).The index is down 1.5% over the last 30 days. And over the last 1 year, it has gained 15.4%.

Within the NSE Bank Nifty Index, the top gainers were PNB (up 2.1%) and IDFC FIRST BANK (up 0.7%). On the other hand, INDUSIND BANK (down 2.3%) and ICICI BANK (down 1.2%) were among the top losers.

Can we Buy Bank Nifty?

Well, one cannot directly buy the Nifty Bank index like a normal stock. But one can replicate the stock holdings through index funds and derivatives.

So indirectly, it is possible to purchase the Bank Nifty index. This can be done in the ETF form.

As these are stock indexes made up of multiple stocks, an investor cannot directly buy the index from the stock market. There are derivatives such as Options and futures that lets you take exposure in the Bank Nifty index.

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